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Our sole mission is to provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive diagnostic experience using cutting-edge technology and innovation. The path to better brain health starts with better data and we are committed to making innovation in neuroimaging accessible to you and your doctors. At CereScan, you can trust that your experience will be unmatched in terms of level of care and access to the most sophisticated functional brain imaging technology in the world today.

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We have helped thousands of people like you get the answers they deserve. The CereScan experience is a more personalized, accurate, comprehensive way of evaluating brain function and symptoms using:

  • Functional brain imaging (qSPECT)
  • Industry leading image reconstruction software
  • Detailed medical history
  • Expert clinical assessments
  • An extensive library of clinical data

As the nation’s leader in functional diagnostic qSPECT brain imaging, our technology can see what traditional imaging using CT scans or MRI often misses.

We Provide Answers

We use SPECT scans and advanced image processing software along with your medical history and clinical assessments to provide an accurate diagnosis that you deserve. CereScan provides clarity around the many disorders that have overlapping symptoms.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our qSPECT imaging process is like no other. We are able to provide precise information to your doctors about what’s happening inside your brain to see what areas could be causing your symptoms.

Access to the Best

We believe the most accurate diagnosis comes from collaboration. Our Better Brain Health Network provides you and your doctors with access to the best and the brightest in the industry for your treatment.

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We understand what you are going through and are here to help you get answers. Contact us by phone at 866-722-4806 to schedule your free phone consultation or fill in the form below. Our dedicated staff is here to answer any questions you have and help guide you in the right direction. An accurate, comprehensive diagnosis can pave the way for the right treatment and improved quality of life. You are not alone, let us help.

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