Quantitative Brain SPECT Imaging

Attention! CereScan stopped imaging patients in their Littleton, CO clinic on June 30, 2021. 

For more information, please read below…

Records Request

If you are a CereScan patient and would like to request medical records or copies of your brain imaging report and/or images, please contact our Custodian of Medical Records at (720) 838-2241 or email at brett.green@cerehealth.com.

Billing Questions

If you are a former patient of CereScan and have questions about an outstanding balance or insurance claim, please contact our Controller at (720) 897-8698 or email at billing-shared@cerehealth.com.

Brain qSPECT Locations

If you are searching for an imaging center that provides brain qSPECT imaging, an updated list will be provided below.

If you are an imaging center interested in adding brain qSPECT imaging to your services, please visit www.CereMetrix.io and fill out a contact form or send an email to hello@ceremetrix.io.