The Most Precise in Brain Diagnostics

How do you know what’s wrong unless you take a look inside the organ responsible for your symptoms? At CereScan, we combine advanced software, functional brain imaging and an extensive library of clinical data to help physicians analyze up to 160 areas of the brain.


Many neurological disorders can be tied to blood flow abnormalities. Learn how CereScan’s technology can help in the understanding of complex brain disorders.

QEEG Brain Mapping

Struggling with mood disorders, sleep issues or concussions? qEEG brain mapping, which measures electrical activity in the brain, could provide answers.

PET/CT Imaging

Our PET/CT combines the best of both worlds – structural and functional imaging. The result is detailed, computerized pictures of areas inside the body.

The Future Of Brain Diagnostics Powered By CereMetrix®

Looking for An Accurate Diagnosis?

CereScan can help you get the answers you deserve by pinpointing the exact areas of the brain that contribute to the symptoms you may be experiencing. Learn more about how CereScan can help you with any of the following conditions.


Introducing CereMetrix – CereScan’s unique brain diagnostic system and ever-expanding patented database. CereMetrix unites imaging and data so providers can access the information they need to make better, faster diagnostic decisions for complex brain conditions

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Advanced Neuroimaging Analytics

CereMetrix is a precision medicine ecosystem that provides doctors with the most likely diagnoses and treatment regimens for their patient’s brain health. Each new patient’s data will be compared to a library of patients with similar brain patterns, medical histories, and clinical symptoms. The data warehouse of more than 7,100 scan encounters including patients’ medical histories, family histories, symptoms, prior treatments, incoming diagnoses, outgoing diagnoses, and brain scans.

We Provide Answers

CereScan provides answers around complex brain conditions. Using functional brain imaging advanced software, detailed medical history and clinical assessments, we provide data and images that others may miss. Simply put, CereScan makes the invisible visible.

CereScan Brain Imaging

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