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CereScan® provides imaging and analysis of functionality in up to 120 regions of the brain

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Who We Are

CereScan® is one of the largest networks of functional brain imaging centers in North America. We offer quantitative SPECT (qSPECT®) brain imaging analytics for complex neurological and psychiatric disorders. We use FDA-cleared software, and licensed radiologists and doctors to perform your image analysis (reads) that drives objective medicine and accurate outcomes.

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What is qSPECT® Imaging

As the nation’s leader in brain SPECT imaging, a type of functional brain scan, CereScan’s technology can see what structural imaging like MRI and CT often miss. We specialize in qSPECT® imaging which measures blood flow in up to 120 regions of the brain to help provide new information so your doctor can create a more targeted treatment plan.

What is qSPECT®

What Sets Us Apart

The benefits of getting your brain SPECT imaging done at CereScan® are clear:

  • Our doctors can provide more thorough diagnostic information because we use the best quantitative measurement software in the industry.
  • Licensed healthcare providers from any specialty can order the scans, and will receive the patient’s final report and images.
  • CereScan’s clinicians will consult with the patient’s provider to:
    • Discuss how the imaging may benefit their patient(s)
    • Review their patients’ findings and impressions
    • View a demonstration of CereScan’s FDA cleared software
  • CereScan can submit claims to most insurance companies.
  • Our Patient Care Coordinators take the time to listen to patient concerns and guide them through the process.
Why CereScan


CereScan® can help pinpoint the exact areas of the brain that contribute to the symptoms you may be experiencing. Using functional brain imaging, FDA-cleared quantitative software, detailed medical history and clinical assessments, and neuropsychiatric and cognitive assessments, we provide data that MRIs, CTs and providers may miss.

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We established our first imaging center in Colorado back in 2009 and quickly learned there’s a need for advanced brain diagnostics. Those struggling with complex neurological and psychiatric conditions live in all corners of North America. That is why we’ve partnered with the most patient friendly imaging facilities in the nation and will continue to expand in order to meet the needs of patients and providers.


SPECT Brain Research

Did you know searching “brain SPECT” in the U.S. National Library of Medicine database will return more than 14,000 scientific citations? CereScan’s library of peer-reviewed literature is an important resource that supports the use of brain qSPECT® imaging as a critical part of the diagnostic process for brain-based disorders.

Library of Medicine
CereScan References

Patient Safety

CereScan® is committed to our patients, payers and referring physicians to provide the safest and best quality care possible.

ACR Accreditation

CereScan’s facilities are American College of Radiology Accredited, which is recognized as the gold standard in nuclear medicine imaging.

FDA Clearance

We demonstrated to the FDA that use of our imaging software is safe and effective for use in clinical practice.

Reading Doctors

We work with doctors who are trained and specialize in the art of reading and interpreting functional brain imaging.

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Patient Experiences

“I got my report yesterday and I am in tears. It’s not the greatest news, but it validates me and gives me a starting point to where I can finally get real help locally. I have had neurological issues on and off for 10 years that worsened considerably after a head injury 2 years ago. I have gotten nothing but the runaround back home in Minneapolis. All scans came up normal so I have basically been written off and told I have psychiatric problems. This report shows damage in multiple areas of the brain and confirms everything I have ever said…”

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Lisa Kroulik , via Google

“The staff was absolutely wonderful and the test results were priceless. I am beyond glad I went to Cerecan. I cannot say “thank you” enough!”

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Joe Bateman, via Google

“The best group of health care professionals ever. Everyone I spoke to and met with was kind, caring and very professional. Their level of kindness is 10+. I would highly recommend them. I was able to get answers from my scans.”

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Amy Mason, via Facebook

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