The Most Precise in Brain Diagnostics

How do you know what’s wrong unless you take a look inside the organ responsible for your symptoms? At CereScan, we combine advanced software, functional brain imaging and an extensive library of clinical data to help physicians analyze up to 125 regions of the brain.


Many neurological disorders can be tied to blood flow abnormalities. Learn how CereScan’s advanced technology can help you and your doctor better understand complex brain disorders.

We Provide Clarity

CereScan can help you get the answers you deserve by pinpointing the exact areas of the brain that contribute to the symptoms you may be experiencing. Using functional brain imaging advanced software, detailed medical history and clinical assessments, we provide data and images that others may miss.

CereScan’s unique functional brain imaging processes are paramount in assisting doctors to identify the underlying biological causes of brain-based disorders.

Dr. David PerlmutterNeurologist

I’m so glad I had the scan done. Now, I feel like I know what I’m up against. Finally, this explains the constant pressure that I feel in my head. Thank you for helping me understand my brain.

U.S. Veteran and Former CereScan Patient

The staff was absolutely wonderful and the test results were priceless. I am beyond glad I went to CereScan. I cannot say “thank you” enough!

Joe B.Former CereScan Patient

Multiple Clinics to Serve You

At CereScan, it’s important for us to be in multiple locations so we can provide the highest level of diagnostic imaging to those who need it. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best imaging facilities in the nation and will continue to do so as we expand nationally. If you’re living in a state we are not currently in, don’t be surprised if you see a clinic opening soon.

Flexible Payment Options that Work for You

CereScan accepts a wide variety of insurance plans and offers interest-free payment plans. We also accept cash, check, or credit card to patients who do not wish to file insurance or do not have coverage.


We are Here to Help

If you have questions about a brain-related condition and would like to learn how CereScan can help, or if you would simply like more information about what we do, please contact us by phone at 866-722-4806 or fill in the form below. Our dedicated staff is here to answer any questions you have and help guide you in the right direction.

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