Imaging for Children


Brain Imaging for Children

No two children are exactly alike. When answers are hard to find (for emotionally or behaviorally challenged children), CereScan helps families find solutions.

Identifying the Source

Our Medical Imaging Team at CereScan supports the national Image Gently campaign and its recommended Nuclear Medicine practices. The goal of Image Gently is to create awareness of the differential effects of radiation on a child versus an adult. We are committed to the principle of “image gently.”

Our diagnostic imaging techniques can identify a variety of mental health conditions in complex cases. Together with our staff of medical experts, we help you and your child’s medical team discover the information needed to reach an accurate diagnosis and obtain the best treatment available.

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Mother & Son Testimonial

Watch our video to follow the true story of a mother and son’s journey from childhood through young adulthood filled with multiple, extremely difficult challenges related to mental health issues and then finally, hope for real and lasting change. And be sure to read on about how CereScan® can benefit you and your child in your journey to improvement

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Your Journey Starts Here

We are one of the first “brain dedicated” clinics of its kind in the country where children, as well as adults, are given the highest level of care available. Children as young as six years old are able to receive a brain scan that can assist their pediatric medical professional in developing an accurate diagnosis and therefore, the best treatment plan for their condition. Our combination of industry leading experience and personal attention only begins to tell the story of why CereScan® helps so many children nationwide. From your first call to your last, we strive to provide you and your child with the help your family needs.

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The CereScan Process

SPECT brain imaging is an extremely effective tool in helping physicians identify the presence, or just as importantly the absence, of physiological causes of emotional or behavioral problems in children and adults. With an accurate, more pinpointed diagnosis from CereScan®, the correct treatment plan becomes more obvious, and the chances of prescribing medication that will not help and could be harmful can be avoided.

Our process includes:

  • A warm, patient centered facility and staff that pays attention to every detail for both children and adults.

  • Exceptional brain-dedicated physicians with decades of combined imaging experience, and over 900 children imaged at our clinic.

  • Patient care coordinators who personally guide you through the entire process.

  • Collaborative approach ensures that your medical practitioner will be involved every step of the way.

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