Alzheimer’s & Other Dementias

An early, accurate, in-depth diagnosis can impact treatment and quality of life.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias may include any number of the following:

  • Memory loss that affects daily life
  • Challenges in solving problems or planning
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Confusion with time or place
  • Getting lost in familiar places
  • Repeating statements or questions over and over
  • Difficulty completing familiar tasks
  • Loss for words
  • Decreased or poor judgement
  • Changes in behavior or personality

If you or your loved one is experiencing persistent dementia symptoms, talk with your doctor and contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how CereScan can help.

CereScan Can Help You

We have helped thousands of people like you and/or their loved ones get the answers they deserve. The CereScan evaluation process is a more personalized, accurate, comprehensive way of analyzing brain function and symptoms using: functional brain imaging (qSPECT)

  • Advanced processing software
  • Detailed medical history
  • Expert clinical assessments

If you are experiencing dementia symptoms, a comprehensive CereScan evaluation can help:

  • Give a clear assessment of what is really going on in your brain
  • Help you determine the cause of your symptoms and identify different forms of dementia and other causes of memory loss symptoms
  • Develop patient specific plans to slow down disease progression
  • Treatment selection to manage symptoms or determine which medications may make symptoms worse
  • Provide early diagnostic information that can help you maintain quality of life and plan for your future

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“The best hope for delaying the progression of Alzheimer’s is an earlier diagnosis.”

–Gregory Hipskind, MD, PhD

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A more accurate, early, comprehensive diagnosis can pave the way for the right treatment and improved quality of life. You are not alone, let us help.

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