John Kelley, CEO of CereScanDuring a two-day program for start-up companies on addressing the necessary fundamentals to transform technology into a viable company, CereScan’s CEO, John Kelley, joined other Denver business leaders in providing business basics to enable growth. Mr. Kelley, a recognized leader and mentor in the Denver area business community, shared his top fundamental learnings in building an effective, high caliber management team, and paralleled common traits of great managers and great leaders.

It was Mr. Kelley’s fourth appearance at the event, which connects experienced entrepreneurs in the community with emerging bioscience technology companies. Attendees were afforded a rare opportunity to learn from leaders in the industry while gathering valuable insight on the basics of assembling and growing the right team, company financing and valuation, and protecting intellectual property and technology rights, to name a few topics covered during the sessions.

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“One of the most gratifying aspects to achieving success over time in business is the opportunity to assist others who are trekking on the same paths,” said John Kelley. “To be invited to speak to companies in the initial stages of development is an honor, and to help them become more successful by avoiding the pitfalls I encountered is certainly gratifying.”

CereScan is the nation’s leader in providing statistically measured brain diagnostics based on a new generation of imaging software, PET/CT (Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography) and SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) neuroimaging technologies. Referring and treating medical experts can rely on CereScan to offer differentiated diagnoses on a wide array of brain-based disorders including:

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About CereScan

CereScan combines state-of-the-art SPECT and PET/CT brain imaging technologies with a patient centered model of care to provide the highest level of neurodiagnostics anywhere. Using quantitative functional brain imaging, advanced imaging software, and an extensive library of clinical data, the CereScan medical team provides physicians with unmatched objective diagnostic information. CereScan helps patients and their physicians better understand the neurological basis of their conditions. In a variety of legal settings, CereScan provides objective evidence to attorneys and their clients regarding traumatic and toxic brain injuries. For researchers, CereScan provides independent pre- and post-treatment measures of organic changes in the brain along with measures of symptoms related to the brain disorder of interest.

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