Patented Database

CEREMETRIX: CereScan’s Patented Database

CereScan has teamed up with The Ohio State University (OSU) Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI) to further develop its functional brain diagnostic database and analytical tool, CereMetrix®.

The CereMetrix® system is designed to help improve the way complex brain disorders are diagnosed and treated by providing researchers and medical practitioners with quantitative imaging data and clinical information analysis through advanced processing. Today, the ever-expanding data warehouse includes over 6,600 scan encounters, including patients’ medical histories, family histories, symptoms, prior treatments, incoming diagnoses, outgoing diagnoses and brain scan data. Each scan is composed of over 262,000 data points that measure perfusion levels in up to 160 brain regions derived from comparisons to normative data.

The vision of CereMetrix® is a machine learning ecosystem that provides doctors with the most likely diagnoses and treatment regimens for their patient’s brain health. Each new patient’s data will be compared to a library of patients with similar brain patterns, medical histories, and clinical symptoms.