Will I feel pain when the radiopharmaceutical is injected?

The injection of the radiopharmaceutical is painless. The only pain you may feel is a small pinch from the needle as it is placed into your arm.

Will the camera touch me?

No. The SPECT camera will rotate around your head and shoulders but no part of the machinery will touch your body. You will not go through a tube. The PET/CT camera is stationary and you pass through two donut-shaped gantries.

After I’ve been injected with the radioisotope, should I avoid physical contact with others?

No, that is not necessary. In general, the radioisotope you are given will remain in your body for a short period of time. It is eliminated by urination, so drinking more fluids afterwards will accelerate the process of elimination. If you are traveling by airplane within 24 hours following a scan, please make sure to let the technologist know. If any special precautions are necessary, the technologist will advise you. If you are nursing, you will receive and need to comply with the Policies and Procedures for Patients who are Breast-Feeding.

What should I do after the scans?

You may return to regular activities of daily living, including driving, work, school, exercise, etc. However, it will be necessary to increase your fluid intake to aid the elimination of the radioisotope from your body. The goal is to urinate twice in the two hours following the injection. The technologist will also provide discharge instructions.

When will I get the results of my brain scan?

When your scans are completed, one of our reading physicians will review your images, prepare a report and discuss the results with a CereScan clinician. We will set up an appointment with you as soon as possible for the clinician to review your report and images with you. Your referring physician will also receive a copy of your brain scan report.

Will I get a diagnosis from the brain scans?

Functional imaging assists in providing a differential diagnosis. Your medical provider will use the data from your functional brain scan report to help form a conclusion about your condition. The information included in your report, in conjunction with your clinical information, can help your treating medical provider in forming a differential diagnosis and a better treatment plan for you and your brain health.

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