The former professional football player shares with 9News how CereScan is helping him get back on his feet after years of suffering from the effects of multiple concussions.

A few years after Jeb Putzier retired from playing professional football, his life began to unravel cognitively, emotionally and physically. He states that his brain went haywire as he struggled with frequent memory loss, depression and extreme fatigue, among other symptoms.

“I had been through a lot of hardships in life where I was pretty much done with it – I just wasn’t myself,” he said in an interview with 9News. “Everyone saw the 180 in my personality from where I was. I had been in the hospital for suicidal things. Different problems. I just acted differently.”

Cue in brain imaging experts CereScan. Unlike MRI and CT scans, which take structural images of the brain, CereScan’s technology can make invisible injuries visible through the use of functional brain imaging and advanced software. When the brain is scanned, blood flow levels are mapped within the brain to pinpoint where blood flow is normal and where it isn’t. Based on the signature patterns of brain based disorders, a diagnosis can be more accurately identified.

CereScan was able to provide diagnostic evidence of abnormal functions consistent with traumatic brain injury to Putzier’s treating physician, who then suggested appropriate treatments, which have reportedly improved his condition significantly. Putzier has incorporated daily therapies, which include transcranial light therapy, eyeball movement therapy and a strict nutritional plan.

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