From the time the CereScan team landed at San Francisco International Airport on the Tuesday of Super Bowl week until the moment Radio Row closed its doors, CereScan, along with some of the hardest hitters in the NFL, brought the company’s story of hope and healing to millions.

From brain injury awareness, personal battles, to the future of football, NFL star players Bill Romanowski, Ted Johnson, Spencer Tillman, and Tim Krumrie offered up their insights into how CereScan is helping elite athletes and others suffering from the effects of multiple head injuriesto Super Bowl 50’s Radio Row media outlets.

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The Super Bowl visit came shortly after an explosion of media stories and new research studies called attention to CereScan for its patented process that assists medical professionals in addressing the invisible nature and chronic problems associated with traumatic brain injuries.

For the Radio Row Super Bowl 50 media blitz CereScan was represented by:

Bill Romanowski Super Bowl 50 Bill Romanowski

A former NFL linebacker, Bill Romanowski played for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, and Oakland Raiders and won four Super Bowl Championships. Romanowski co-authored his New York Times best-selling autobiography and founded Nutrition 53, a nutritional supplement company.

Ted Johnson Super Bowl 50 Ted Johnson

During his 10-year professional football career, former New England Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson played in 125 regular season games and three Super Bowl championships. Currently Johnson serves as co-host of “The Triple Threat,” an afternoon sports radio show on KILT SportsRadio 610 in Houston.

Spencer Tillman Superbowl 50 Spencer Tillman

A former professional American football player turned journalist, Spencer Tillman played running back for eight seasons for the Houston Oilers and San Francisco 49ers. Tillman’s football and broadcasting careers developed in tandem. He is currently a Fox Sports football analyst and serves as president and CEO of Axiom Sports Productions, Inc.

Tim Krumrie Super Bowl 50 Tim Krumrie

Spending 27 years as an NFL player and a coach, Tim Krumrie has appeared in 193 career games, including five postseason starts and was a part of the Cincinnati Bengals’ Super Bowl XXIII squad, as well as a two-time AP All-Pro and a participant in two AFC Pro Bowls. Krumrie was recently inducted into the College Football of Fame and currently serves as CereScan’s Brain Injury Advocate.

John Kelley, CEO of CereScan John Kelley

Serving as CereScan’s Chairman and CEO, John Kelley has held several senior-leadership positions at top-performing technology companies. Kelley has also participated at the board level on several local and national nonprofit organizations. Additionally, he served in the U.S. Army (1970-1972) and played varsity baseball at the University of Missouri, Columbia.

The NFL alumni, along with CereScan’s CEO, also stressed to Radio Row media outlets the importance of an accurate diagnosis as the starting point to a better quality of life. Unlike MRI and CT scans, which are structural images of the brain, CereScan can pinpoint the actual area of the brain that is abnormally functioning, and provide a clear image for an accurate diagnosis and a better treatment path.

Radio Row plays a major role in the hype and promotion during the week leading up to the Super Bowl. For Super Bowl 50, Radio Row was set up in the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. It serves as place where sports talk radio stations from around the world set up remote operations and broadcast live as they interview current and former players, as well as celebrities and stars associated — or not associated — with the big game.

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CereScan spoke to over 75 media outlets at Radio Row, and below are a few of our Super Bowl 50 media highlights:

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