Advanced Technology to Accurately Show Presence of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Legal Cases

When you work with CereLaw’s team you are getting unparalleled, objective brain imaging and data, the best admissibility support in the business, and medical and legal experts to guide and assist you in your efforts. In cases from over 40 states, CereScan’s brain SPECT images and medical experts’ testimony have been admitted over 98% of the time. Once the existence of brain injury is proven, the question often becomes not whether you and your client will be victorious – but when and for how much. CereLaw has also been involved in cases that received, what were at the time, the largest brain injury awards in the western United States.

Video: Tort Results and Testimonials

When combining objective testing with courtroom-tested admissibility and support from our seasoned experts, the subjective nature of an invisible brain injury is replaced with tangible evidence and measurable data. Attorneys who work with CereLaw’s team don’t go into their brain injury cases alone. Instead, they have a partner who is dedicated to helping them establish the clear evidence of a brain injury when one actually exists, increase awards, and get better medical care for their clients.Your clients are relying on your legal expertise to handle their case in the best way possible. You owe it to them to become an expert on their brain injury and with CereLaw’s proven assistance and proficiency you can do just that. Let us help you with your next brain injury case and we will provide you with the objective proof and support you and your client need and deserve.

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