Objective Testing

When it’s up to a judge or jury to decide the outcome of your case . . .

Make sure that you present them with the best possible evidence. Proving the presence of an invisible brain injury can be one of the most challenging elements of a case. What is the best way to determine the existence and extent of a client’s brain injury? Where is that injury located? CereLaw addresses these questions through our objective testing procedures. Using SPECT brain imaging and state-of-the-art software, our medical experts are able to compare cerebral blood flow patterns and abnormalities of an injured person to that of an age-matched normative database. These quantitative results allow our experts to pinpoint the location and measure the extent of the damage that a person may have experienced.

Video: “Objective Testing”

CereLaw’s approach gives you scientifically based, objective evidence of the location and severity of brain injury. By combining our SPECT brain imaging with comprehensive neuropsychological testing, clinical evaluations, structural imaging, and symptomatology, you will have the most accurate picture possible of the complete story behind your client’s brain injury.Our approach generates a true and accurate depiction of a patient’s brain injury, provides the compelling evidence you need to strengthen your case, and saves time and money by turning a case from a subjective battle of expert opinions into one of unquestionable facts with clear-cut, unbiased visual evidence. This approach can form a solid, objective, quantitative assessment that directly correlates to better outcomes for you and your client.

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