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Brain injury cases can be extremely complex and difficult. You may have a great fact pattern, but whom can you rely on to help present your brain injury evidence? CereLaw’s team of brain forensics experts can supply you with persuasive testimony to help present the scientific facts of your brain injury case.

Often, an argument is only as good as the scientific expert providing testimony. Attorneys rely on expert witnesses to help them tell parts of each client’s story. Juries rely on the expertise of these medical experts to help credibly convey and simplify facts so they can more easily evaluate the merits of a case. The expertise of CereLaw’s brain forensics team lies not only in our objective testing and vast library of peer-reviewed scientific literature, but also in the experience of presenting facts in a legal setting.[Our medical experts know brain injuries inside and out because they deal with them on a daily basis. When called to testify, they are able to articulate the details of a brain injury, as well as relay current and future difficulties a brain injury patient may encounter. The testimony of our experts can simplify a legal proceeding by reducing complex facts to basic elements that can then be more easily understood by a judge or jury.

A qualified medical expert can be a critical factor when you find yourself entrenched in a battle of subjective clinical evaluations. If you are looking for the right expert to provide supportive testimony in your case, you can rely on CereLaw’s brain forensics team to provide the best and meet your client’s individual needs. Our experts are authorities on reading SPECT brain scans and relating them to structural brain imaging and neuropsychological analysis.

When combined with your legal expertise, the testimony of a CereLaw expert can be key to ensuring your brain injury case is the strongest it can be.

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