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Objective Diagnostic Brain Imaging for Attorneys

Triers of fact know the truth – when they can see it. However, their judgment can often be clouded by subjective discourse that distorts the scientific facts of the case.

Brain Forensics provided by CereScan furnishes objective, state-of-the-art functional brain imaging for any legal setting. Our imaging interpretation includes the use of standard deviations to mathematically and visually show the areas of normal and abnormal brain function. In addition, we provide case preparation services and supportive materials to address any state or federal admissibility challenges.


SPECT imaging is a trial-tested, functional brain imaging technology used to study chronic brain injuries. Many attorneys do not proceed with brain injury litigation when structural imaging techniques, like CT or MRI, show normal results. In fact, a significant number of the mild to moderate traumatic brain injury cases we have seen had normal findings on CT and MRI scans, while our SPECT scans detected abnormal findings for those individuals. Moreover, in most of the cases in which we have provided SPECT brain imaging, the findings correlated with and were supported by neuropsychological testing and/or other clinical evaluations.

Our medical experts are proficient at analyzing a wide range of injuries, including mild to moderate traumatic brain injury, toxic exposure, hypoxic or anoxic brain injuries and more. We can provide the highest quality of objective evidence of brain trauma along with support to ensure it is admitted. Our goal is to help attorneys do their job effectively and efficiently. Above all, we want to provide the most accurate, objective evidence available.

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