Admissibility Support

You may have the greatest case in the world . . .

But if you can’t get your evidence admitted, you may significantly diminish the strength of your case and your ability to resolve it. Attorneys who work with the CereLaw team gain access to our extensive case management program, which includes white papers, motions, responses, orders, deposition transcripts, and other supportive materials. We know the ins and outs of brain injury cases because we deal with them every day and we know what is required to ensure that scientific evidence and medical expert testimony are admitted. Our imaging process, brain injury findings, and impressions and medical expert testimony have been utilized in hundreds of cases in jurisdictions all over the country.

CereLaw Admissibility SupportWith any brain injury case, you know opposing counsel will immediately challenge the admissibility of any evidence indicating brain injury. With the breadth of support you get from CereScan’s CereLaw team, you can easily meet any burden of proof. Without it, your case may lose critical evidence and credibility. Our staff is well versed in helping attorneys figure out what they need for their brain injury cases and delivering it to them in a concise, time-efficient manner.

Our library of support materials was created to help attorneys prove the elements of any admissibility standard and overcome the hurdles of getting scientific evidence in front of a judge or jury. In addition to case support materials, we also offer access to the latest medical research in the field of brain injury, ensuring that you have access to the most current information you need for your case. As a result, you won’t have to waste valuable time finding the information you’re looking for.

CereLaw empowers you to respond to any questions that might arise—from the admissibility of your evidence to the finer medical details of brain injuries. And perhaps most importantly, you will spend less time on the minutiae of getting your evidence in, and more time crafting, bolstering, and hopefully resolving your case.

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