The Company

CereScan® was founded in 2009 with the purpose of providing the most advanced brain-focused imaging and analytics solutions for complex neurological and behavioral conditions. It is a subsidiary to the parent company, CereHealth Corp., a cutting-edge human biome analytics company.


The Need

The World Health Organization estimates that up to 1.2 billion people globally, nearly one in six of the world’s population, are afflicted by neurological and/or mental health disorders. Misdiagnosis rates range from 19-69%, and mental health dropout rate of 40% is primarily due to treatment ineffectiveness.

It takes an average of 10 years (and millions of dollars) to bring new brain health-related therapies to market, which is tied to flawed protocols, arduous/delayed data analysis, and avoidable amendments in clinical research.

Our Vision

CereHealth™ (parent company) is a state-of-the-art, web-based brain imaging and data analytics company with a proprietary, scalable artificial intelligence (AI) platform focused on multivariable analysis of quantitative biomarkers for central nervous system (CNS) disorders.

At Our Core

CereHealth™ focuses on removing diagnostic bias and applying innovation to create a more precise understanding of brain-based disorders, enabling healthcare providers to make more-informed decisions regarding patient-specific treatments, and contract research organizations (CROs) to access interlocked capabilities that add value to the clinical trial process and workflows.

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