Littleton, CO (PRWEB) December 16, 2014 — CereScan Corp. (, a state of the art brain imaging and analytics company, is transforming the modern understanding of brain science and neurodiagnostics by developing the country’s largest and most comprehensive data warehouse for analyzing functional brain images and patient clinical information. The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently issued a patent to CereScan for its techniques in analyzing brain conditions. CereScan’s Brain Diagnostic System (BDS) is a brain imaging and diagnostic reference tool that changes the way medical professionals, research institutions, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies understand brain diagnostics and treatment worldwide. The CereMetrix™ BDS is a robust medical library which includes standard patient health records, coupled with radiological, neurological and psychological diagnoses. Currently, CereMetrix™ includes comprehensive data on thousands of patients with chronic neurological and complex neuropsychiatric conditions.

Each CereScan patient has a unique medical history and neurological makeup. After undergoing neuropsychological assessments and two separate functional brain scans providing quantitative data, the information is then processed and cataloged within the CereMetrix™ database along with the patient’s full medical history, clinical symptomology, and demographic information. By aggregating and integrating this valuable clinical information, the CereMetrix™ system can effectively identify combinations of clinical characteristics and perfusion (blood flow) patterns associated with specific chronic brain disorders.

The CereMetrix™ BDS includes hundreds of searchable data elements including patients’ clinical history, family history, immunizations, lab data, presenting symptoms, prior diagnoses, medications and previous treatments, along with a library of high-definition, statistically mapped functional brain images analyzing up to 120 regions of the brain. Our patient records represent a broad spectrum of conditions such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), toxic brain injury, Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias, bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, autism, depression and other brain disorders. As it continues to grow, the system will become an integrated database with increasingly precise data, and will provide a set of protocols designed to support research and diagnostic applications for patients suffering from chronic brain disorders.

The functional imaging patterns detected by the CereMetrix™ BDS, in conjunction with the aforementioned clinical information, allows doctors to more quickly and accurately diagnose chronic brain conditions, which will spark the development of new and innovative research opportunities, more effective treatment paths, and possible cures for debilitating neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions.

“The application of big data in a medical setting will enhance CereScan’s position as the industry leader in brain health and care,” stated John Kelley, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of CereScan. “The medical community will be able to evaluate brain based disorders through cutting edge machine learning technology allowing for improved patient diagnosis and treatment.”

With each new patient, the CereMetrix™ BDS will ”learn” more and will further its position as the leading diagnostic tool in identifying and treating brain disorders. CereScan’s diagnostic system is continually being refined and enhanced to include sophisticated searching and reporting functionality that will eventually become the industry standard in effectively diagnosing brain related illnesses, becoming one of the most desired diagnostic tools utilized across the medical industry.