Welcome to CereScan!

CereScan is one of the country’s leading providers of single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) brain imaging for patients and physicians. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, CereScan is at the forefront of the emerging use of SPECT brain imaging to help diagnose a wide variety of brain disorders. CereScan’s main clinic is in Denver, Colorado, and they intend to open several more clinics across the country, utilizing telemedicine to send the data and the scans to the experts in Denver. Each individual scan will be read and interpreted, and then returned to the patient and the referring physician for final diagnosis and development of individualized treatment plans.

CereScan utilizes state-of-the-art gamma camera technology, high-definition imaging software, and a proprietary process to produce comprehensive medical reports including high resolution images of brain function and physiology. CereScan’s reports and images are used by physicians to assist with the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of functional brain disorders. Attorneys and workers compensation administrators utilize our services to assist them in adjudicating their brain injury cases.

The benefits of CereScan’s proprietary imaging process include very high definition brain scans, short imaging acquisition time, and convenient access to CereScan’s centers. CereScan employs specially trained physicians, including board-certified nuclear medicine physicians, experienced in the interpretation of functional brain SPECT scans.