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About CereScan

CereScan combines state-of-the-art brain imaging technologies with a patient-centered model of care to provide the highest level of neurodiagnostics available. Our computed tomography specialists are experienced in SPECT, PET and CT scans and work closely with practitioners to diagnose various conditions and give you the guidance you need to embark your road to treatment.

Using high definition functional brain imaging, industry leading image reconstruction software, and an extensive library of clinical data, the CereScan medical team delivers unmatched, objective diagnostic information.

Because CereScan specializes in neurodiagnostics, we are able to deliver superior diagnostic information to physicians, resulting in a higher level of care for the patient. With an experienced, professional staff operating clinics designed specifically for comfort and care, CereScan sets the standard in the patient experience from the moment the first call is made through the final report to the treating physician.

CereScan’s comprehensive reports are supported by the medical and forensics communities. CereScan’s reports and images are used by physicians to assist with the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of functional brain disorders. Attorneys and workers compensation administrators utilize our services when adjudicating brain injury cases.

CereScan utilizes state-of-the-art gamma camera technology, new generation imaging software, and a proprietary process to produce comprehensive medical reports including high resolution images of brain function and physiology. Our functional brain imaging technologies are the most sophisticated in the world today. Need more information about CereScan? Give us a call or submit your inquires online, we are glad to address any questions you might have.

Why CereScan?

The benefits of CereScan’s proprietary imaging process include very high definition brain scans, low radiation exposure for patients, short imaging acquisition time, and convenient access to CereScan’s centers. CereScan employs specially trained physicians, including board-certified nuclear medicine physicians, experienced in the interpretation of functional brain SPECT scans.

A More Accurate, Comprehensive Way of Diagnosing

Using SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) and PET/CT (Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography) cameras in combination with the most advanced image processing software in the world, CereScan’s functional brain evaluations focus on identifying the biological causes of brain disorders. Quantitative SPECT images measure relative perfusion levels in up to 120 regions of the brain. PET scans measure absolute metabolic rate in those same regions. CT brain scans evaluate the anatomical structures of the brain and can be co-registered with either PET or SPECT images to provide comprehensive functional and structural data on a patient’s brain.

Prior to any scan, each patient undergoes an extensive clinical interview and evaluation. A comprehensive medical history is taken and all prior diagnoses are recorded. All prior symptoms, previous and current medications, family histories, and prior injuries and events are gathered and taken into account. Additionally, one or two brief neuropsychological tests are given. All data for each patient is then recorded in our CereMetrix Brain Diagnostics System.

Despite having this extensive clinical data, our reading physicians review each brain scan “blind” in order to generate initial impressions. In other words, no clinical information that would potentially influence a reading is presented to the physician prior to reading the images. Once the initial impressions are recorded, clinical information is then reviewed and the reading physician includes both sets of data in a final, comprehensive report.

CereScan then provides the comprehensive report along with brain images, if requested, to the referring medical practitioner. The report includes a quantitative analysis of the patient’s brain functionality, which will assist you in making a more comprehensive diagnosis before formulating your treatment protocol. The referring/treating practitioner may consult with our reading physician at any time to discuss the findings of the report.

CereScan strictly adheres to the Practice Guidelines from the American College of Radiology (ACR). Furthermore, we use only FDA-approved radiopharmaceuticals in all clinical processes.

CereScan is committed to bringing its advanced brain imaging processes to the medical community in order to assist treating physicians and improve patient outcomes. We are dedicated to delivering on the promises of advanced neuroimaging and making important contributions not just to the field of neuroscience, but to the lives of those afflicted with brain-related disorders.

Latest SPECT and PET/CT Imaging Cameras

CereScan does not utilize out-of-date or refurbished equipment. Our cameras consist of the latest available, state-of-the-art, new SPECT and PET/CT cameras from leading manufacturers like Philips and Siemens Medical Systems. Our cameras give the best image quality available today and utilize an open, non-claustrophobic design for enhanced patient comfort.

  • Specialized brain imaging and reconstruction software: We use the most advanced image processing software that is specifically designed for functional brain imaging. Our software has been tailored for our specific uses and allows us to provide the most accurate image interpretation possible.
  • Quantified findings: Our specialized software allows our doctors to directly compare regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) in each region of your patient’s brain with age and sex-delineated normative databases. This comparison provides valid, quantified results to ensure consistent interpretations.
  • Extensive patient database: CereScan’s proprietary database of thousands of previously scanned patients provides our reading doctors with an extensive library of images for reference and comparison.
  • Patient centered staff and facility: Our clinical staff members are specially trained to work with people who have cognitive issues and neuropsychiatric concerns. Our facilities are designed to be open, comfortable, and easily accessible. As a result of these efforts and qualities, you can trust that your patient’s experience at CereScan will be pleasant and reassuring.
  • Specially trained physicians: Our reading physicians have extensive training in functional brain imaging and are specifically trained to read SPECT and/or PET/CT brain images. Our team of reading doctors includes neuroradiologists, neurologists, and psychiatrists.
  • A focused clinical process specifically developed for neuropsychiatric patients: Every aspect of our clinical process is designed to provide the best possible care, the most accurate findings, and most informative results possible. Our proprietary process includes clinical intakes and one or more structured neuropsychiatric assessments, brain scans performed by certified technologists, educational sessions from specially trained clinicians, and doc-to-doc consults that allow you to review your patient’s case directly with the reading physician.
  • Commitment to quality, integrity and best medical practices: All of our findings are supported by current medical research and our reports contain the relevant citations for your verification. Our equipment, software, and pharmaceuticals are FDA approved and maintained by a certified technical staff. We subscribe to all applicable standards governing Nuclear Medicine facilities and all of our clinics are licensed by their respective state health departments. We constantly strive to maintain the safest, highest quality of operations possible.